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Something massive

 happened here. 

To be perfectly honest, I'm not quite sure as much continues to unravel...

But... I know I was born with an innate trust in the universe, it's not something I ever needed to cultivate or question. And so I sit here, faithfully surrendered to the bigger picture, my higher purpose, to possibility, and I wait for the next instruction. 


 I also believe that things unfold when they are ready, and therefore, you could say that I trust in the timing of life; even if I question the construct of time itself. When we transcend the binary of time (days and hours) we find ourselves in moments, little imprints that inform our lives. I've thought long and hard about the moment I would birth this website and although not everything was ready, or clear, I knew I needed to start. In doing so, I've woven this work with the imprint of the cosmos (and all the magic) of this very moment.





I hit publish on January 28, 2021, at 3:33 pm in Squamish, BC.

The constellation, Cancer is rising on the Eastern horizon, although, Leo's full moon takes centre stage.

Say what you will, but this Luna shines bright well beyond its comforts, and arrives head up, heart open, ready to serve; just like me. 

Opposed by the Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Aquarius, we are blessed from afar, as they guide us toward expansive insight with unwavering faith. Amongst some challenging astrology, this cazimi (astro lingo) charges us with prosperity and hope.

Meanwhile, Venus and Pluto are coupled up in Capricorn, holding a mirror to our mission, they remind us it's not always pretty, but there is beauty, even in the breakdown. I have always found a Venus-Pluto conjunction alluring; it doesn't shy away from intensity; instead, it demands depth and in return, that depth cultivates and nourishes intimacy. For me, this aspect delivers us to new levels of understanding our own values, our relationships, beauty, power, and all that lingers beneath the surface; there is poetry here. 

So why am I telling you all of this? 

Well, it's simple, as you may already see, everything we do here, is woven with overwhelming possibility and healing potential. 


It is time for us to claim our places, to take radical responsibility for our power, and to ignite the force of love within so we can shine that light out. This process and these practices are simple, challenging and will bring you closer to your most sacred self, I promise.


I spend most of my time in between, navigating the liminal spaces, I travel between worlds with ease, I'll go anywhere with you.

I've held space for electric awakenings and been called to sit with people in the depth of their hurt. The ones who crave healing, but can't see through the forest, I've got you. I'm well acquainted with the dark, but I never leave home without a little light.

I offer you a refuge.

Under the beams of this Leo moon, I offer you my hand and my heart. 

I promise to never abandon you, so long as you vow to never abandon yourself. 

We rise together.

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