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As above,
so below,
we find within.

As a kid I spent a lot of time staring at the sky with my sibling. Although it has captivated us in entirely different ways, looking up at the night sky is a practice that continues to bond us. They looked for the patterns and shapes within the stars while I looked for the stories they told. To this day, I remain delightfully captivated by its majesty and have dedicated my life to listening to what it has to say.

My reverence for the sky and it's stories only deepened when I started seriously following the celestial bodies and over the years, watching, listening, and learning, I found myself enrolled in Astrology school, eager to unravel and understand this intricate system (down to its most bare-bones) and share it with the world in hopes of bringing people closer to themselves. 

It's not uncommon for astrologers to recite "As above, so below" because one of the gifts we so often find in the stars is in how magically their movements in the sky reflect our experience here on earth. For all the times I have stared into the night sky, all patterns I have studied, and all the stories whispered between us, I find myself returning to the soft beating of my own heart. And so, I add "we find within"because that's where all of this leads me and where I hope to, as a cosmic translator/guide, to bring you; within.

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