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it's nice to meet you!

i'm kristina


I was born in northern Croatia, raised in southern Ontario, and I've made my home somewhere in between. 


I write this sitting at the base of a mountain, where the river meets the ocean, on the ancestral land of the Squamish Nation, this is home (for now).  


I am a teacher; of movement, yoga nidra, and breath.

I'm a body worker, music maker, word weaver and I thoughtfully pull from various lineages to create a safe, sacred container for us to explore movement, vulnerability, creativity and expression together.

I am a student of yoga, astrology, writing, love, grief, and everything in between. I believe in breathing through the hard stuff, finding grace in every moment, that a connection to nature is essential, and crying is an act of self care.

I've carefully tucked myself; my stories, my loves, my loss, my triumphs and my failures into the words, photographs, meditations and classes you'll find offered here. As you explore this website and the practices I've created, parts of me will be revealed to you. True to my Scorpionic self, my walls come down... it just takes a little time.

I stand in humble adoration of the opportunity to do this work with you and I look forward to getting to know you along the way, too.

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